After Watching This Webinar, You Will Understand:

Why many compare this crisis to The Great Recession and The Great Depression

How to help protect yourself from what’s coming next

How to capitalize on opportunities along the way

The right and wrong ways to generate retirement income

Why doing nothing right now is probably NOT the best answer

Does Covid-19 Have You Worried About The Future?

You are invited to join us on September 2nd, at 5:00pm for a virtual event designed to help you navigate your way through these confusing times. Most of us are tired of hearing about Covid-19 and the devastating effects it has had on our nation and economy. 

Unfortunately, many retirees were unprepared for the roller coaster ride in the stock market and suffered grave losses. In the midst of all this uncertainty, income based investors can continue to take comfort in the knowledge that their portfolios are, generally, better protected from loss and shrinkage than those of growth-based investors.

Your host, Andrew Agemy, has been educating retirees and pre-retirees for 30 years. Through this educational process, he helps his clients make smart financial decisions to help them retire and stay retired.

To sign up, click the Register button below.  The webinar lasts about 30 minutes, and there will be time to ask questions.  So “come” with your questions and get some help navigating your way through these hard times!