Financial Goals are like Dieting

February 10, 2016

We all work hard to keep our personal resolutions through the start of a new year. What we often overlook is how we should extend those goals to financial and, specifically, retirement planning as well. Richard Barrington of Get Rich Slowly, has some great ideas for helping you get in shape fiscally in 2016.

“Dieting is not a popular topic around the holiday season; but perhaps with caloric temptations everywhere you turn, this is the best time to be thinking about it. Similarly, the holidays are a time of year when people tend to let themselves go financially, so a reminder about financial discipline might also be timely. After all, working toward financial goals is like dieting.

I recently wrote about things that help me worry less about money, and one reader commented that what she finds comforting is being able to measure progress. That’s a very good point, and it started me down the road to thinking about how working toward financial goals is a lot like dieting…”

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