Five Star Wealth Manager Award winners

Five Star Wealth Manager Award winners

January 12, 2022

Looking for a fiduciary financial advisor and wealth manager? How do you know if your financial advisor has your best interests at heart? We understand it’s a big decision to partner with a financial advisor. Here's why you should work with the award-winning financial planning team at Agemy Financial Strategies.

Celebrating 31 years, Agemy Financial Strategies is dedicated to educating retirees through retirement planning, legacy planning, wealth management and more to help you achieve your personal and financial goals.

We are pleased to announce That Agemy Financial has received a Five Star award. By earning this honor, Daniel Agemy, CPM®, RFC® and Andrew A. Agemy, MRFC® have shown an outstanding commitment to their clients. They have appeared in Connecticut Magazine and Fortune in a special section for December 2021 / January 2022. The Five Star Wealth Manager award is based on objective research criteria.

About Five Star Professional

Five Star Professional uses their own research methodology to name outstanding professionals and works with highly-esteemed publications to get the word out. Their research disclosures include the five following criteria in order to qualify for the award

  • Nomination of candidates, either firm nomination, peer nomination or pre-qualification based on industry standards.
  • Regulatory Consumer Complaint Review - all candidates must demonstrate a favorable regulatory history
  • Candidate Submission of practice information - candidates must complete either an online or phone interview
  • Evaluation of Candidate practice - candidates are evaluated on 10 objective eligibility criteria.
  • Firm review of award candidate list - all candidates are reviewed by a representative of their firm before final selection

Each of their award winners has shown a commitment to clients, strong industry credentials and has been evaluated on the quality of his or her practice. Daniel Agemy, CPM®, RFC® and Andrew A. Agemy, MRFC® have met these criteria and have been honored with the 2021 Five Star Wealth Manager award.

Meet Andrew Agemy

Andrew has won the prestigious Five Star Professional Award in the category of Wealth Management for the last 12 years straight—as seen in Connecticut Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and many others. Additionally, he is in his second decade of receiving an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as the National Ethics Association.

In order to serve his clients in the most effective way possible, Andrew is dedicated to continually advancing his knowledge of the financial markets and keeping up with emerging trends, so he can communicate his knowledge to pre-retirees and retirees in a manner they can easily understand. He received the CLTC designation in 2003 and then subsequently became an MRFC.

Andrew’s belief is that a financially literate and educated retiree is a happy and stress-free retiree. That’s why, throughout his career, he’s remained committed to educating his clients and members of his community via in-person financial education workshops and online webinars.

Meet Daniel Agemy

Daniel J. Agemy, CPM®, RFC®, has been working in the world of finances for most of his life!  As a boy, he helped his dad, Andrew Agemy, in the office.  As he got older, he realized he had a special knack for communicating complex financial concepts and a passion for education. He eventually earned his way into partnership at Agemy Financial Strategies, and in 2015 he co-founded Agemy Wealth Advisors, LLC, a discretionary investment advisory firm.  He is now the COO and CIO, respectively.  In 2018, Daniel received the highly esteemed CPM® designation (Certified Portfolio Manager) from Columbia University IEOR and has won the prestigious Five Star Wealth Manager award three years in a row.

Daniel believes the world is getting increasingly more complex and the way to stay ahead is by continuously educating himself, his team, and clients. Daniel has over twelve years’ experience explaining and managing custom designed retirement plans built to generate dependable income helping retirees achieve their dream retirement and lifestyle.

About Agemy Financial Strategies

Agemy Financial Strategies has helped their clients plan and prepare. This way, when the unforeseen occurs, their clients are uniquely positioned for success. We work hard to deliver a dependable retirement income strategy, in any market, so that clients can enjoy the “best” of their lives during retirement.

We provide our clients with a wide array of financial services. Retirement planning services are designed to educate our clients as to their best options for meeting their current financial needs, achieving their long-term financial goals, avoiding common retirement-planning mistakes, and enjoying a lifetime of financial stability.

Our goal is to give clients confidence in a custom developed robust retirement portfolio and provided investment options designed to generate interest and dividends regardless of market conditions. This is income that can be spent or reinvested for dependable "organic" portfolio growth.

  • Educating retirees and pre-retirees to make smart financial decisions
  • Purpose-based investing
  • Implementing generational wealth transfers
  • Generating income (a retirement paycheck), you can depend on in all market conditions

Are your most important decisions being made with the advice and guidance of a Five Star Professional?

  • Andrew A. Agemy, MRFC® has been recognized for the quality service he provides to the clients in his community. He has an unbroken record of receiving twelve consecutive Five Star awards for his outstanding service.
  • Additionally, Andrew is starting his fourth decade of teaching sound biblical financial principles in the Shoreline community.
  • Five Star is an international research group that helps identify top service providers in their field.
  • Andrew co-hosts the wildly popular radio show and podcast, Financial Strategies, which airs every weekend in both Connecticut and Colorado.
  • Agemy Financial Strategies: because your assets are too important for anything less than Five Stars or AAA (Andrew A Agemy)

Work With the Best

There are so many reasons why you should come and work with Agemy. Not only do we have Five Star Wealth Manager advisors, but with Agemy Financial Strategies, we give you the peace of mind that we are here for you every step of the way on your journey to financial freedom and security.

Our financial advisory team at Agemy Financial Strategies have three main goals for their firm. First, they want to educate retirees to make smart financial decisions. Second, they want to help retirees implement legacy and generational wealth transfers. Third, they want to help retirees have enough income in retirement to live stress-free in the "best” of their lives.

Come work with the award-winning financial planning team at today.