National Mountain Climbing Day: What is a Financial Sherpa?

National Mountain Climbing Day: What is a Financial Sherpa?

July 26, 2022
Sherpas are the guardian angels of the Himalayas. So what do these protectors of the east have to do with financial planning? Let's find out!
Sherpa |ˈsher-pə | NOUN |
- a member of a Tibetan people living on the high southern slopes of the Himalayas in eastern Nepal and known for providing support for foreign trekkers and mountain climbers. 

Happy National Mountain Climbing Day!

Did you know that some of the world's greatest mountaineers relied on sherpas? Sherpas have been credited with high achievements for assisting mountaineers throughout history. In the financial world, we often see the same correlation with retirees trying to reach their goals at a certain age. But without the guidance of experienced financial advisors they end up running out of money during their retirement.

When you bring on a trusted financial advisor, you're not handing off your nest egg and the control that comes with it. Instead, you can think of it as having a financial sherpa by your side to guide you through planning for retirement. Financial sherpas can help you reach the summit in all financial aspects.

Here’s what you need to know about Financial Sherpas with Agemy Financial Strategies.

Financial Sherpas

A Financial Sherpa is a financial services professional who believes in a contrarian philosophy of how to grow and protect your wealth. Wealth you will ultimately need for your retirement, hence the importance of protection.

Throughout life, you may need more help or more focus towards a certain aspect of it. For example the older you become the more likely you will need to have a will and estate plan in place so your family has a roadmap to your finances, should the unexpected occur. 

You may need a portion of your wealth to fund your children's education, invest in your business or to purchase a piece of property. Hence the importance of liquidity. It is our belief that you are ultimately better served focusing your attention on Distribution & Protection strategies as opposed to simply Accumulation ones.

We are Your Helping Hand

Sherpas need to liaise with the clients, support them along the track and then run ahead to make sure the tea is on the boil when clients arrive at camp. As a financial sherpa, we are here to be your first point of contact on all things financial planning. We will be on hand to answer your questions, look ahead to potential risk and strategize to help ensure you have a financial safety cushion when you reach retirement. 

For over 30 years, Agemy Financial Strategies has helped our clients plan and prepare. This way, when the unforeseen occurs, their clients are uniquely positioned for success. We work hard to deliver a dependable retirement income strategy, in any market, so that clients can enjoy the “best” of their lives during retirement.

Our Fiduciaries provide retirement planning services designed to educate clients as to their best options for meeting their current financial needs, achieving their long-term financial goals, avoiding common retirement-planning mistakes, and enjoying a lifetime of financial stability.

Our goal is to give clients confidence in a custom developed robust retirement portfolio and provided investment options designed to generate interest and dividends regardless of market conditions. This is income that can be spent or reinvested for dependable "organic" portfolio growth.

  • Educating retirees and pre-retirees to make smart financial decisions
  • Purpose-based investing
  • Implementing generational wealth transfers
  • Generating income (a retirement paycheck), you can depend on in all market conditions

As a fiduciary and Registered Investment Advisor, you can be confident we will recommend only what is in your best interest.

Let's Get Climbing

Specializing in retirement income planning, or as we like to say, "helping you make it down the mountain." Many financial advisors and financial planners will help you to build your assets and "get up the financial mountain." However, Mr. Agemy, "a financial sherpa," and his team focus on helping investors who have already "climbed the wealth accumulation mountain, plan and strategize to have enough income in retirement to have a safe and pleasurable journey "back down" and enjoy the best of life. Agemy Financial's objective is to see that their clients can retire and stay retired.

Our purpose is to educate retirees - whether that be planning for retirement, legacy planning, wealth management, or just holding your hand when it's time to leap into retirement. Celebrating 30 years in business, and we remain steadfast in our dedication to serve and educate retirees.

Working with the advisors at Agemy Financial Strategies can help you get ready for sinking markets—and stay grounded when they show up. We can explain ways to rebalance and help protect your accounts moving forward and even suggest a few investments we might consider making while the markets are down. Creating a retirement checklist with us is a great way to pinpoint your main goals, compare them to retirement realities and make a plan of how to connect the two.

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