Daniel J. Agemy, CPM®, RFC®Chief Investment Officer

Daniel J. Agemy, CPM®, RFC®

Chief Investment Officer

Chief Investment Officer

Daniel J. Agemy, CPM®, RFC®, has been working in the world of finances for most of his life!  As a boy, he helped his dad, Andrew Agemy, in the office.  As he got older, he realized he had a special knack for communicating complex financial concepts and a passion for education. He eventually earned his way into partnership at Agemy Financial Strategies, and in 2015 he co-founded Agemy Wealth Advisors, LLC, a discretionary investment advisory firm.  He is now the COO and CIO, respectively.  In 2018, Daniel received the highly esteemed CPM® designation (Certified Portfolio Manager) from Columbia University IEOR and has been nominated for the Five Star Wealth Manager award two years in a row.

Daniel is well-versed in the alternative ways of helping retirees generate income-streams throughout their retirement. He loves speaking with and developing relationships with clients, and they, in turn, love him.  Daniel enjoys listening to their challenges and sharing ideas on how to improve their situations. He believes the world is getting increasingly more complex and the way to stay ahead is by continuously educating himself, his team, and clients. Daniel has over ten years’ experience explaining and managing custom designed retirement plans built to generate dependable income helping retirees achieve their dream retirement and lifestyle.

Daniel and Andrew co-host the wildly popular radio show and podcast, Financial Strategies, which airs every weekend in Connecticut and Colorado and is available wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Daniel lives in Denver and enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking and cooking.  He is a voracious reader and reads about 40-50 books a year.