Our History

In 1990, Andrew Agemy, CEO and President, had the vision of building a financial service company by serving and educating others. He began by selling life insurance; however, after a few years, he began to specialize in retirement planning. He started his own business which he named Agemy & Associates.  In 2010, Andrew and Daniel (VP and Chief of Operations) changed the name of the company to Agemy Financial Strategies. Now Andrew and his team at Agemy Financial Strategies have three main goals for their firm. First, they want to educate retirees to make smart financial decisions. Second, they want to help retirees be able to implement generational wealth transfer. Third, they want to help retirees have income for the best of their lives.

Prior to becoming a financial advisor, Andrew was in the ministry. His experience as a pastor has helped him in the financial field as well. He sees himself as the financial pastor of his clients, shepherding and helping them to be good stewards of their wealth. He specializes in working almost exclusively with pre-retirees and retirees. He offers them the universe of conservative income-generating investments and strategies, rather than just the bank and stock market, thereby reducing risk without sacrificing return. As Andrew says, “Our focus is on serving our clients with an educational process and listening with our hearts, not just our ears. This empowers our clients to make, and realize, their own solid financial decisions and allows them to remain in control.”

Since 1990, Andrew has been growing and improving his business every year. In 2011, he was awarded the FIVE STAR Wealth Manager award for his excellent service to his clients. Andrew knows that would not be possible without the continued trust and confidence his clients give him. He sees it as a privilege to serve each one of his clients. Andrew and Daniel, along with the other members of the Agemy team, are continually trying to better to their company in an effort to more efficiently help their clients.