The NEW Home of Agemy Financial Strategies, Inc.

Please be patient and vigilant when visiting our offices as we are still under construction.

Agemy Financial Strategies, Inc HAS moved to a new and exciting location!  In 2010, at our Client Appreciation Event, Andrew A. Agemy announced that he wanted to buy a building and permanent for the AFSi's offices. On December 14th, 2017, that goal was accomplished with the closing on what is our new home!  Here is what our building looked like when we purchased it back in December 2017 and how it is transforming every day!

Look for our "New Home" sign at the new 1570 location; you might not recognize the building. 

In April, there was a great deal of renovation on the inside, and plenty of landscaping work done on the outside of the property. More than 25 large trees and numerous smaller trees had to be cut down and removed. Fortunately, Andrew and Cathy have enough sons to put together there own chainsaw crew. 

After the trees were cut down, some of our friends remarked that they didn't even notice there was a building there until the trees were out of the way and they could see it clearly from the road

Back in July, all the new windows were put in, as was the sheetrock, so there are walls! We even picked out an interior paint color - "aloof." We are deciding on new furniture, meeting with decorators and designers, and imagining our new space every day as we bump into each other going about our business here at what will soon be known as the "old building." The bridge from the parking lot to the front entry is already up, and there is a deck, creating a lovely communal outdoor space. Soon we will have several conference rooms where we can comfortably meet with our clients, and possibly hold events.

Andrew's office already looks so lovely that we decided to take our staff photos in it!

Of course, AAA isn't afraid of a little hard work himself!